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Bringing new insights and common-sense ideas to the position of school board trustee.

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Meet Karen

29-year residents of Thousand Oaks, my husband and I raised both of our children in CVUSD
public schools. We understand the challenges and concerns of parents. I’m running for School
Board to return CVUSD to the level of educational excellence my children experienced.
My priorities are simple. Protect parental rights to be involved in, and notified of, all aspects of
their child's education. Provide all students with a comprehensive educational experience
stressing all the basics, reading, writing, math, science and technology. Ensure that schools are
protected and students are safe. Support the teachers – allow them to teach, not act as
psychologists or therapists. Guarantee total transparency between the board, administration,
and parents.
My experience includes 5 years working with low-income disadvantaged children from all
ethnic and cultural backgrounds which gave me valuable insight into the needs and challenges
facing these students. I was an active volunteer at my children’s schools and then accepted a
full-time position with CVUSD. I retired after 15 years but my experience working for the
district and knowledge of its culture, history, and staff, makes me uniquely qualified for the
position of school board trustee.